Online English Program - Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2)

Online English Program - Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2)

Course Overview

  • The Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) is an advanced English course and helps you become an even better and confident communicator
  • The course is apt for you if you are looking to gain further knowledge to your English communication skill by adding more vocabulary, and fluency on modern English communication being used worldwide
  • Also, those enrolling for our Beginner English Course (A1) will automatically qualify for the Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) and get enrolled for this advanced course
  • The course over 100 hours of duration, access to the course will remain valid for 12 months
  • The course can be availed at 9500/- INR/ 135 USD/ 4115 THB

Asian School of English (ASE), in association with Asian College of Teachers (ACT) brings to you Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2), an online English learning course to help you to speak English without hesitation. The Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) is the next step in our Online English Program, the Beginner English Course (A1) being the first level of this online program. So, if you have already done our Beginner English Course (A1), the Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) must be the next course which you should opt for. Learn and Practice English with our Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) that aims to help individuals effectively build English communication skills and help them realise their dreams and have a more accomplished life and career that they desire. This being an online program will very well fit into your busy schedule, without disrupting much of your daily commitments.

The course puts emphasis on using English in both your personal as well as professional life where you learn how to think in English so that the words flow spontaneously and you are able to effectively express yourself in the language. A lot of people are unable to utilise their potential and fail to lead the life they desire just because they lack the confidence to communicate with people in English. Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) has been developed to cater to these issues that hinder a person's growth and progress in his/her life. Moreover, there will be constant support from our end for all our candidates pursuing this online course.

Learn "Everyday English"

Master colloquial English and learn to handle diverse situations by manipulating your voice and vocabulary. You must have the ability to understand and deliver accordingly as English has become more of a necessity and an indispensable part of our daily communication - be it casual conversation or professional discussion.

ACT's Online English Program - Advanced Course Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) will help you to -

  • Have clear idea of the nuances of how English works and its practical usage
  • Improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Fluency and confidence in your presentation skills
  • Gain good grasp of English aiding in your job prospects
  • Develop skills to face interview and competitive examinations
  • Help you to comprehend easily and structure lucid response easily
  • To be better prepared for a new social life and holidays abroad
  • Master the art of communication and excel in your career
  • Move ahead whether you are a student, teacher, professor, corporate professional, technical expert, senior manager
  • Gain communicative competence irrespective of the sector you belong to
  • Immerse in a learning experience is engaging and effective

Extra Edge

  • The program is perfect for all ages and is suitable from 10 to 60, for individuals from varied backgrounds!
  • Learn English Easy with innovative designs to make self-study learning easy
  • Develop all the 6 main skills in language development - listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary
  • Learn anytime, anywhere with any device and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion from Asian College of Teachers after completion of the course
  • Qualify to prepare for International Qualification & CEFR like Key English Test (KET); BULATS (20 - 39); TOEIC (225-545); Pearson Test of English General Level 1; Integrated Skills in English (ISE) Foundation; ESOL (E2)
  • Receive personalised feedback from our tutors on your progression of the course
  • Get Unlimited Speaking Practice with unlimited practice using state-of-the-art Carnegie speech analysis
  • Interact with our in-course 3D Teacher to explain you the key languages points

ACT's Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) under our English Online Program is especially directed towards individuals who lack the necessary English speaking knowledge and skills and therefore lack the confidence to face the world on their own. In that case, enrolling in our Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) will not only help improve your English speaking skills, but also provide you with the necessary idea required to be a confident individual.

You can enrol for this course if you are :

  • student,
  • teacher/professor
  • corporate professionals
  • senior managers
  • technical experts
  • socialites
  • home-makers

Duration and Fee

Online English Program - Advanced Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2)

  • The Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) is over 100 hours of duration
  • The access to the course will remain valid for 12 months
  • The course can be availed at 9500/- INR/ 135 USD/ 4115 THB
  • If you are willing to enrol for both levels the course fee is 19000 INR / 267 USD / 8214 THB only.

What will you learn?

The course will help you in the following ways :

  • The course comprises of 47 complete and engaging lessons
  • The course will enable you to understand sentences in English and common expressions related to basic personal information
  • It will make you confident enough to be able to hold a conversation in English and also ask and answer questions on a topic you know about
  • It will also enable you to initiate a simple conversation for instance talking to strangers while travelling, if need be
  • It will also help you to describe in a simple way your personal background, your present status and other such basic information wherever needed, thus boosting your confidence
  • It will also enable you to talk about your daily activities and use sentences that are daily used
  • Knowing the correct methods of communication will also help you in your professional life as you will be able to converse in English confidently, without any hesitation
  • Proper understanding of the language will acquaint you with global culture through books, music and films

How will you learn?

The Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2) is a highly engaging and interactive experience which is provided by ASE's Content Partner. It uses principles from gaming and film-making and the complete programme for learning English is brought to life through a storyline that you will experience in a virtual town. In the application, it puts the language into the background of real-life situations and the way you are required to deal with it. It offers you with the virtual experience of living in an English-speaking country. The course is beneficial for you as it is:

  • Easier to understand
  • Easier to retain the learning, especially new vocabulary and phrases
  • Easier to keep you engaged and complete the courses
  • Easier to prepare for the international qualifications you want to do

How do you start with the courses?

  • Download & install the application in your preferred device.
  • Go through the lessons. In each lesson, you interact (through a camera view and speech analysis) with the virtual characters living in virtual town using around 20 engaging activities.
  • While you go through lessons and the story, you will be learning the complete English language programme and developing all your language skills in an engaging and interactive method.
  • The system evaluates and gives you scores based on how well you perform the activities. Completed tasks and lessons will show as green and if you score a high score they will have a star.
  • You can practice by repeating lessons or going to your virtual apartment at any time to enjoy a range of interactive practice activities.
  • You receive a Certificate of Completion when you finish all the lessons and pass all the tests in a course.


  • After successful completion of Pre-Intermediate English Course (A2), candidates will receive a globally recognised certificate from Asian School of English
  • For job seekers, the certificate provided by Asian School of English will help you to have better job opportunities, anywhere around the world.

Our Achievement

Asian School of English (ASE)an English training wing of Asian College of Teachers (ACT) aims at giving a new meaning to English communication and language development helping individuals to meet their individual learning goals. The courses at ASE are developed keeping individual needs in mind as our qualified trainers make learning English a joyful experience.

ACT, with its existence of more than 11 years, provides 100+ courses across the globe with a pan India presence. It is also the proud recipient of numerous national and international awards, with alumni exceeding 30,000 students.

  • We design tailor-made courses for 21st century educators: ACT, the leading teacher training organization, has emerged and secured its position with the promise and dedication in designing customized courses covering all possible areas of teacher education with an emphasis on global standards in terms of knowledge, skills and approaches to be employed by future teaching professionals willing to teach in 21st century classrooms.
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What Say Our Alumni

Our alumni spread at different parts of the globe get the opportunity to connect with each other through various social media platforms and we encourage them to get actively involved professionally and access our varied courses and services.



It was great experience to get opportunity to grab and get information that will help me in my future.



Amazing, awesome and wonderful simply the best..



I had a wonderful experience here. Am taking back a lot of learning and Positive energy from this place.



The experience was good; learned a lot.



It was so fruitful and various. My tutor's feedback was excellent, so detailed and helpful. It helped me to understand what went good and what needed future improvement.


India, Kolkata

This course is very helpful for gaining knowledge and confidence in our practical life as a professional


Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates

It was an Excellent and an Enriching experience. Keep up the good work. Thank you from the deepest bottom of my heart for all the support and guidance given throughout the course



I learned many things. This book helps me a lot in learning step by step.The course also helps me to teach my own kids.



During the course in every step I gained strength, courage and confidence. I really very much satisfied with my coordinator for her excellent help during my journey. Want to give a big thanks to my evaluator who helped me lot to achieve my success.


India, Bangalore

Very good learning..interested to learn more in the institute..thanks for all the support and patience in each student. You are keeping well done. Guys keep on going all the very best ..