Conquer Fear of English

Conquer Fear of English

Speaking a foreign language is not an easy task and when it comes to speaking English, the challenges are more. While learning new language, nothing can be more impactful than mere practice.However, one of greatest obstruction that people face to achieve fluency in English language is the fear of failure. Fear of failure has stopped many people from achieving many milestones in life. But as the famous saying goes-Where there is a will, there is a way, you can deal with the problem in various ways. People deal with these kind of stresses in different ways. But if you are prone to sleepless nights, palpitations or panic attacks, it's time to think logically and address the issue. There is nothing called impossible.

No one is born with fluency in English. One has to learn, practice and adapt the language to become fluent in it. If you are learning English as a young adult, or even later in life, then remember you are not the only one. Fear of speaking is normal. It is how you overcome the fear that will transform you from an English language learner to an English language speaker. There are several reasons why even the thought of speaking in English terrifies some learners. Some fear that they might be making mistakes while some fear what others might think if they are not able to speak properly. They do not understand that that more than speaking the language, they need to listen to the language. Adult language learners do not often have enough time from their busy schedule to listen to hours and hours of comprehensible input in English. They can at the most attend an English class for two or three hours per week, during which time you are mostly reading from a textbook or watch English movies at weekends.

Moreover, in order to learn the language, one must learn to embrace their mistakes, learn from them and make improvement in the long run. It is true that no one wants to make mistakes but one cannot deny that it is the best way to learn.The more often you speak English and use English in your daily life, the more fluent you can become.

If you do not get the scope to study English in an English speaking country, you can make use of English language radio, podcasts and television. Only listening to the language can make wonders.If you come across any English speaker in your home town or city, you can listen to him or make efforts to start a conversation. If there isn't anyone to practice with locally, then read, write, or find people online who are familiar with this language. You will falter at first but it will gradually help you to master the language.

Learning a language is a simple process. Just listen as much as possible and when you are ready, start speaking, and have fun!

Our Achievement

Asian School of English (ASE)an English training wing of Asian College of Teachers (ACT) aims at giving a new meaning to English communication and language development helping individuals to meet their individual learning goals. The courses at ASE are developed keeping individual needs in mind as our qualified trainers make learning English a joyful experience.

ACT, with its existence of more than 11 years, provides 100+ courses across the globe with a pan India presence. It is also the proud recipient of numerous national and international awards, with alumni exceeding 30,000 students.

  • We design tailor-made courses for 21st century educators: ACT, the leading teacher training organization, has emerged and secured its position with the promise and dedication in designing customized courses covering all possible areas of teacher education with an emphasis on global standards in terms of knowledge, skills and approaches to be employed by future teaching professionals willing to teach in 21st century classrooms.
  • Board of Academics comprised of accomplished academicians: Teaching 21st century classrooms demand proficient educators and trainers able to engage learners in a productive learning environment. ACT’s Board of Academics governing the course curriculum comprises of accomplished and experienced academicians from diverse fields who boast of academic integrity and valuable insights with extensive know-how that adds tremendous value to our courses. These experts have designed courses with strategies aimed at utilising the concepts in their workplace.
  • Journey from 100 to 30,000+ enrolments: Diploma course in Pre and Primary Teacher Training with Specialization in Teaching English is one of the leading products of Asian College of Teachers that was launched back in 2007. With the passage of time, other courses were introduced going by the global benchmark and some of ACT's 100+ training courses were introduced that received massive popularity as well. Asian College of Teachers, that began with 100 enrolments has crossed 30,000+ enrolment mark and plans to continue the legacy while adding more feathers to its cap.

What Say Our Alumni

Our alumni spread at different parts of the globe get the opportunity to connect with each other through various social media platforms and we encourage them to get actively involved professionally and access our varied courses and services.



It was great experience to get opportunity to grab and get information that will help me in my future.



Amazing, awesome and wonderful simply the best..



I had a wonderful experience here. Am taking back a lot of learning and Positive energy from this place.



The experience was good; learned a lot.



It was so fruitful and various. My tutor's feedback was excellent, so detailed and helpful. It helped me to understand what went good and what needed future improvement.


India, Kolkata

This course is very helpful for gaining knowledge and confidence in our practical life as a professional


Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates

It was an Excellent and an Enriching experience. Keep up the good work. Thank you from the deepest bottom of my heart for all the support and guidance given throughout the course



I learned many things. This book helps me a lot in learning step by step.The course also helps me to teach my own kids.



During the course in every step I gained strength, courage and confidence. I really very much satisfied with my coordinator for her excellent help during my journey. Want to give a big thanks to my evaluator who helped me lot to achieve my success.


India, Bangalore

Very good learning..interested to learn more in the institute..thanks for all the support and patience in each student. You are keeping well done. Guys keep on going all the very best ..